Education in the State of Arizona

Primary and Secondary Education
In Arizona, the public primary and secondary schools are divided into about 227 local school districts that each operate on an independent basis, but most of the time are governed by a school superintendent elected by the county.  The Arizona State Board of Education administers the districts and makes decisions regarding policies and budgets.  There are approximately 2,042 public schools in Arizona educating about 1,087,817 students.  Of these schools, there are 1,097 elementary schools, 255 middle schools, and 464 high schools.  About 329 private schools operate in Arizona, educating 54,084 students.  As required by Arizona state law, all schools must have a minimum of 180 school days.  The overall graduation rate for Oklahoma high school students is 70.7 percent. 
Higher Education
Arizona is home to three public universities, 19 public two-year colleges, two public tribal institutions, four private four-year institutions, four private graduate institutions, 16 private for-profit institutions, and six private religious institutions.  The Maricopa County Community College District comprises 11 community colleges in Arizona and is one of the largest community college districts in the U.S.  The Arizona Board of Regents governs the three public universities (University of Arizona, Northern Arizona University, and Arizona State University).  With approximately 51,500 students, Arizona State University is the largest institution of higher learning in Arizona.  The oldest college in the state is the University of Arizona and it was founded in 1917.  Prescott College is the only traditional private college in Arizona, meaning it is located at a single site and is a non-profit four-year institution.